Entry #1

Hi there NG community! This is my FIRST News Post!

2007-07-25 22:18:59 by psyblackart

At first, I just wanna to say big THANKS to Tom Fulp for the new site design! Well DONE! :D

I am only few days on NG, but I made two flash movies already, and want to show ya' them:
- "Fun Off Nightmare"
- "Fun Off Fantasy"

I know it's a shorts, but I think I can do something serious in the close future...

So... Here's goes next work. Yeah, next submission will be like pervious works, but after next project, I will done "Jack The City" project. It's about guy with a katana sword, who just gets some trouble on the streets. I know it's typical, but it's will go with a quality drawnings and frame-by-frame animation. That's all for now.


Hi there NG community! This is my FIRST News Post!


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2007-07-26 01:49:22

Lol well your a new Newgrounder or as we say ur a n00b so be ready fro insults it gets easier after yuou become a regular nice3 movies i voted 5 on each PM if you need any help or have any flash questoins or just anything? =D

psyblackart responds:

I am not too NOOBy to not gets to highs... ;D I don't have any questions about work with a flash program & I don't need help with it. But, thanks! :D


2007-07-26 03:58:48

Congrats on getting your movies through the portal! I liked them, and here's hoping to see more from you! :)

psyblackart responds:

It's noway NOT to go through the portal! 25 FRAME! Ha-ha-ha... Just kiddin'. :D You'll see much and much more from me, it's 100%. :D


2007-07-26 08:03:28

Haha. Pretty good stuff. I like the fbf.

psyblackart responds:

Yeah, I like FBF too. :D